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Xylie Productivity Networks is a full-service technology partner that works with you to make the most of your investments in online, cloud-based and information technology products and services. We believe in a simple, no-nonsense approach to streamlining your business. You and your employees work hard every day to deliver to your customers and your IT tools should help that.

Find out how Xylie Productivity Networks can assist you in getting there without the hassle that is normally associated with computers and technology.

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Does your project need a nudge? We help deliver and complete projects of any size or shape. Get margin and ROI back on track. Make your customers happy.

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CRM. ERP. SCM. BI. These acronyms seem linked, connected. Business data isn't always.


Small business is built on hard work and dedication. Let us help you grow without bounds.

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Decisions that you make for your business need information. They're your numbers, make them fly for you.